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Inside Out is a program developed to provide the guidance and support that the families of incarcerated individuals need. Inside Out will provide individual counseling, family counseling, and guided support groups to those fractured families. These therapeutic services are intended to support them in coping with the absence of their family member, assist them with nurturing and maintaining a bond with that family member, and help them feel less isolated by encouraging relationships with similarly-situated individuals who understand what they are experiencing. In addition to providing therapeutic services, the program will empower families by making referrals to other community-based programs that can help with needed services such as educational programs, job training and placement, mentoring, and housing assistance, to name a few. The goal of the program is to ensure that by sentencing a parent to prison, they aren’t also sentencing their children to a life of hardship.


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David A. McCamy
CEO and President

David McCamy comes to Inside Out with twenty years of experience as a leader and entrepreneur in health information technology. David was born and raised in Texas City, Texas, and educated in California, and served in the Un...

Amy L. Wilson
Executive Vice President

Amy Wilson has been a defense attorney for twenty years and has represented juveniles in Baltimore City for the past seventeen years. She has been a child advocate her entire career, having worked for the Department of Juven...

Heather Sater
Executive Director

Heather Sater graduated from Salisbury University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She went on to study Chemical Dependency counseling at CCBC and became a Certified Supervised Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Heather is a...

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